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The NCRS is a non-profit hobby group of nearly 16,000 families dedicated to the Restoration, Preservation, History and enjoyment of the Chevrolet Corvette. The NCRS has been helping its members, purchase, restore, maintain, and enjoy their corvettes for over 50 years. NCRS membership and Local NCRS Chapter membership is the smartest money you will ever spend on your Corvette(s). For more information on NCRS membership, go to www.ncrs.org

For the Restoration, Preservation, History, and Enjoyment of Corvettes

Chapter Services – Iowa Heartland Chapter

The Iowa chapter of the NCRS has over 50 active members with varying degrees of restoration and historical knowledge of corvettes. The club meets on a regular basis and it’s common to have working tech sessions to continue to share and pass on the knowledge that it’s members possess. Annual Chapter meets our hosted by the Heartland Chapter along with broader Regional meets every few years. In addition to this knowledge, the chapter possesses an array of valuable historical information including access to CD’s of the NCRS Restorer magazine archives for our library of information. Articles can be searched by word/phrase, article name, or catagory. The chapter is comprised of a group of individuals that share common interests and passions of the iconic corvette of all generations.


You must be a member of NCRS to join the Heartland Chapter (see NCRS.org). Annual or multiple year chApter memberships dues are available. Contact Larry Sample at larry@sampleassoc.com to become a new member or sign up online at NCRS.org the Heartland Chapter sign up information is listed.

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If you like corvettes, Join! You’re never too young or old to learn more about the iconic corvette.